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Podcasts & Interviews

Every month we interview HCPs working in Type 1 and Eating Disorders, you can download these as PDFs or Podcasts.


Professional Voices: DWED recently took part in a qualitative research project focussed on both patient and professional perceptions of Diabulimia with the Institute of Psychiatry. In this podcast, Director Jacq speaks to Dr Pamela MacDonald the primary researcher about the findings and surrounding issues.

DWED Voices: This month we spoke to 3 DWED members who have been Inpatient for their Eating Disorders.

You can download or listen to these from dropbox as podcasts in either WAV format (better quality) or MP3.

DWED Professionals Podcasts

This month we spoke to DWED members who have recieved outpatient treatment for their Eating Disorders. You can access these in MP3 or WAV for from Dropbox


'Living with Diabulimia' an excerpt from the book 'Bulimics on Bulimia', copywrited to one of our contributors who has allowed us to reproduce the chapter here

Please find an Introductory session on Eating Disorders and Type 1 Diabetes by following this link                    

Transcript of Interview With a Friend Supporting Someone With Type-one Diabetes and an Eating Disorder

Podcast with Parent of a T1ED sufferer

Podcast here

Podcasts of Two DWED members who have had Piercings and Tattoos

Podcasts here

We chat with 4 patients who have mental health comorbidities in addition to Eating Disorders about how it affects their treatment

Podcasts here

Podcast with Rose Stewart, Clinical Psychologist in physical health & diabetes on subject of drugs and alcohol

Podcast with Marietta Stadler, Clinical Lecturer on Diabetes and part of the research team at Kings College London on subject of Pregnancy

Podcast with Sam Thomas, Founder and Director of the charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too (MGEDT) on topic of men with eating disorders

BBC Radio Interview with Khalida Ismail

Interview with DWED director Jacq about the current situation in the NHS

Podcast and transcript interviews with people that have lived experience of ED-DMT1/T1ED and issues concerning employment and claiming benefits.

Podcast: A conversation between  researchers in Diabulimia. Includes what do HCPs get wrong, Do some patients have a persecution complex, the T1 vs T2 debate, bullying and researching your own condition

"Why wait?" Case studies

Interview with DWED director Jacqueline Allan [MP3 and WAV formats]

interview with MP Norman Lamb [MP3 and WAV formats]

Interview with Rebecca Field, head of communications for the charity Beat, [MP3 and WAV formats]

Retinopathy Case Studies

Neuropathy Case Studies

Interview with Dr. Neil Black on Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome

Gastroparesis Case Studies

Nephropathy Case Studies

Interview with Gastroenterology specialist Dr. Anton Emmanuel on gastroparesis, eating disorders & type 1 diabetes & use of language as a healthcare professional

Podcast interview with Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology Dr. Partha Kar on h the landscape of  current NHS diabetes and T1ED healthcare. He also offers his advice to fellow health-care providers with regards to how much language matters within clinical settings

In Their Own Words - Feedback from individuals with T1ED towards health-care professionals on the subject of language and complications.

Language and complications: Various articles of relevance

Body Dysmorphia Case Studies

Body Dysmorphic Disorder info-sheet - why and how is it different to eating disorders?

Transcript interview with eating disorder unit health care professional regarding BDD


Resources for HCPs

We put together guides and info leaflets for you to download and share with your colleagues every month


Updated NICE Quality Standards

Inpatient Recommendations

In our own Words. The lived experience of Diabulimia

All Party Parliamentary Group Report

Insulin Pumps vs MDI in Those with Type 1 and an Eating DIsorders

"Animal Models": Common Reactions from Loved Ones of Someone with an Eating Disorder  

Tattoo's and Piercings

Our general guidelines

Case studies - when things go very wrong

Transcript Interview with Dr. Neil Black

Mental Health ComorbiditiesHow can an additional diagnosis of profound mental illness impact upon diabetic control and management of an eating disorder?

 read 5 anonymous stories shared by DWED members on the subject of alcohol and drugs. 

Pregnancy case studies - both podcasts & transcript interviews 

Men with eating disorders - Case Study 1

Relevant media resources

BBC Documentary

Updated NICE guideline for the Treatment and recognition of Eating Disorders

Focus on Nutrition: Alpha Lipoicacid

- What does living with type 1 diabetes and an eating disorder mean to those living with it?

 Research: Educational and Psychological Aspects
Eating disorders in people with Type 1 diabetes: experiential perspectives of both clients and healthcare

Diabetes specific advice on employee rights

General information on claiming benefits

Breakdown of the Personal Independent Payment (PIP assessment criteria

The value in volunteering - personal account

The Research on Vitamin D

-"Why Wait" for EDAW

What about us?

Beat report - Delaying for years, denied for months 

Language Matters - on the importance of mindful language within diabetes healthcare

Low Carb Diets - a controversial subject in relation to T1-ED

Conference on low carb diets and type one diabetes by Dr. David Urwin and Dr Ian. Lake [MP3 and WAV formats]

How starchy carbs break down into surprising amounts of glucose and why this is important in T1 Diabetes - slideshow

Further related info plus promotion of the Type 1 Project from Dr. Ian Lake.

Barriers to Treatment/ Barriers to Recovery - The Patient’s Voice

  What do the patients say?

Inpatient Treatment Part 1

Inpatient Treatment Part 2


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This Months Research Abstracts

All new research regarding Type 1 Diabetes related Eating Disorders will be pooled here in an easy to download PDF format.

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Please find an Introductory session on Eating Disorders and Type 1 Diabetes by following this link