DWED - Happy World Diabetes Day

Please read these thoughts from our members about DWED and peer support

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Thoughts from our members

DWED has helped me enormously as a mum of a daughter with this awful disease. Through Facebook and messenger I have been able to ask questions, get support and know sadly that there isn't just me and my daughter going through this. I think the work DWED is doing to raise awareness is amazing. I share so much to let all my friends know about diabulimia. I have also been able to point the staff at my daughter's hospital to the website.

I love this group! I have been suffering from diabulimia for many years! I thought I was crazy. I knew I was slowly killing my self! But had no idea what was wrong with me! I am new to the group and after a couple of hours reading through the posts, I now know that I am definitely not alone!! Can’t believe how many people I can identify with. And the help and advice comes from people who really do understand how it feels.Wish I’d known DWED existed years ago"!

I've found this group to be a lifeline to so many, for me it’s the peer support from people know exactly what your going through, they’ve been or going through it themselves so you know your not alone. From the smallest sigh to a cry for help you know someone’s got your back!

I dont feel alone anymore. Yes I have wonderful family and friends but without this group I would feel so lonely and afraid after being DKA in March. I know people understand me here because they know how hard overcoming this is every day. I read the posts and know Im not alone in what I went through#

This group has been really helpful in combatting the loneliness that comes with dealing with both diabulimia and the complications we suffer. Making some genuine friends who understand and support has done me the world of good.

This group encouraged me to tell the medical teams that treat me about my diabulimia after ten years and ask for help. So far I cannot get help as I am half a kilo over the bmi criteria of having an eating disorder. I've asked crisis team. Mental health OR. go.diabetic team etc etc. But thanks to this group I will keep trying until someone listens.

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