Membership OptIons

We have updated our options so that you can pay monthly through Paypal or using your debit/credit card. If you are a previous member who donates monthly via just giving please let us know and we will set you up with a username and password.


DWED Member

Ideal for current sufferers and carers. We update materials monthly with Podcasts, Interviews, Downloadable information, the latest developments and offer a HCP training service you can use anonymously.


Health Care Professional Member

Ideal for anyone working in or researching Type 1 Diabetes and/ or Eating Disorders. We update monthly with research abstracts, downloadable resources for your services, update on clinical guidelines, interviews and podcasts with Professionals in the field and also offer discounted training. 


Donate via Just giving? Or already donate monthly?

Let us know and we will provide you with a login to access these services.

For a glimpse of what our memberships offer then take a look at t the materials on our Resources Page that were features during NEDAW 2017 and NEDAW 17. More information on what membership provides you with can be found on our About Us and FAQ Page..