Frio are a company that produce insulin coolers that are recommended by hospitals and diabetic clinics worldwide. They offer a wide range of choices in shape and design to suit individual needs and preferences, from large coloured wraps and wallets to smaller pouches. They take away the need for refrigeration or ice packs when carrying insulin pens and vials for pump technology on route. They are ideal for journeys on hot summer days, in the car or packed in luggage cases, but are also recommended for daily use if required such as student halls or stays in hostel accommodation. Diabetes should never hold us back!

I tried out one of the small duo Frio’s which are able to hold either two pens or two vials of insulin. The larger wallets have room for 5 pens of 10 vials so have plenty of space for all the medication supplies you need. I use an insulin pump so a smaller pouch was ideal for me to be able to carry one spare pen and a vial of Novorapid in my bag, just for those sometimes unavoidable emergencies where you need extra insulin to hand. The Frio I chose has a decorative daisy design which suited me well, too, and it’s these individual touches that make the entire range appealing.

The Frio definitely does what it promises, and my insulin was kept completely cool. The science behind it basically involves a reusable evaporative cooler insert which activates with water.

For July DWED have 4 free Frio’s to giveaway which were kindly donated by the company themselves. Two are plain kip wallets in pink and bright green, and another is of a similar large size but is monochrome and wrapped with a pretty polka dotted bow. The fourth is a smaller one like mine but has a black and white skull and crossbow design. Please see the photos below!

This month everybody that signs up for a new membership package for just £3 a month and opts in will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the four coolers.  If you want to be part of the competition just fill in the form below and we will verify your subscription against your given email address.

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For more information on all Frio products please refer to their website
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