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Podcasts & Interviews

Every month we interview people involved with Type 1 and Eating Disorders, you can download these as PDFs or Podcasts. 

September: This month we spoke to 3 DWED members who have been Inpatient for their Eating Disorders. You can download these from dropbox as podcasts in either WAV format (better quality) or MP3.

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November: This month we spoke to DWED members who have recieved Outpatient Treatment for their Eating Disorders. You can download these from dropbox as podcasts in either WAV or MP3

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Living with Diabulimia' an excerpt from the book 'Bulimics on Bulimia', copywrited to one of our contributors who has allowed us to reproduce the chapter here        




Resources for You

We put together guides and info leaflets for you to download and share every month

September: This month we released our Guide to understanding and unsing NICE guidelines.

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October 2016 - Inpatient Recommendations

October 2016 - In our own Words. The lived experience of Diabulimia

November: This month we attended the all party parliamentary group for diabetes regarding a new report on Diabetes care.

Download APPG Report

December 2016 - Christmas Survival Guide

January - Advantages and Disadvanatages of Pump use in Eating Disorders

Case Studies - Positive and Negative outcomes of pump use in someone with ED-DMT1

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