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DWED Public Members: This month we talked to 3 patients about their experience on Eating Disorder wards. You can download these interviews as podcasts. We also release a comprehensive guide covering all NICE guidance regarding Type 1 Diabetes that we feel are relevant to us - Make sure that your team are following the recommendations! We also offer the service of approaching your teams with information and training offers.

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DWED HCP Members: We also supply the podcasts of those who have experienced Inpatient care for their eating disorders. Director Jacq interviews Dr Pamela MacDonald on her recent research at the Institute of Psychiatry, looking at both Health Care Practitioner and Patient attitudes towards Diabulimia. We also highlight changes to the NICE Quality Standards, recently released and our interpretation of their use for our demographic and offer a new Linked in group for you to discuss T1 Eating Disorders with like minded professionals. We also offer a £50 discount on Training for DWED professional members and round up relevant research for you in a handy downloadable

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