DWED 2016 Holiday Card Exchange

This year DWED is again running a holiday card exchange. This is open to anyone from the UK* that is currently struggling with type 1 diabetes and an eating disorder or has done so in the past.

If you'd like to spread a little Christmas cheer and put a smile on someone's face while perhaps offering some words of comfort then please do sign up! In turn, you shall receive a card of your own.  You may wish to include your favourite quote or piece of advice for surviving the holiday season, and cards can be anything you like, from handmade to shop bought, no great expense required. 

The only condition is that if you do agree to take part and then later need to drop out you inform us asap (claire@dwed.org.uk) so we can arrange a different pairing for your intended recipient. We understand completely that issues may arise, especially when precarious health is concerned, but we ask this so that hopefully nobody will lose out.

The deadline for signing up is just 5 days away, 10th December,* and we ask that cards be posted as soon as possible, keeping in mind that the last posting date for 1st class in the UK is the 22nd December. You should receive a confirmation with the details of who you need to send your card out to soon after the 10th.*

10/12/16: Extending sign up deadline by 2 days till 12th December. 

*11/12/16: We are joining forces with US charity the Diabulimia Helpline to widen the scope of our holiday exchange. This means you MAY be given the address of a recipient based internationally. If you'd specifically prefer to only post a card within the UK then this is perfectly fine and can be arranged, just let us know at claire@dwed.org.uk. 

12/12/16: Sign up for the card exchange is now closed. Those that have responded will in due course receive the name and address of the person they should send their card to. Thank you all and happy holidays!