how has DWED helped you?

As part of world diabetes month we want to hear from you about how DWED may have helped you over the years.

This could be through direct contact, interaction and peer support through out facebook page or T1ED UK groups, or via information provided by our website and social media pages.

Has DWED helped you to feel less alone? Have you been able to talk with others in similar situations? Or has it made you more aware of T1ED and Diabulimia or encouraged you to seek out professional support? We want to hear from you! if amu of these scenarios resonate or indeed anything else entirely that comes to mind! Please speak as freely as you’d like on any way DWED may have had a positive impact on your life and wellbeing.

We will be correlating your replies in a blog post published on the 14th November - World Diabetes Day.. You can either provide a name or remain entirely anonymous.

We really value your feedback and hope very much that DWED has been of value to you in some way.

Please tell us how you feel DWED has been helpful to you by filling in the form below. Thank you!

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