Sadly we have taken the decision to withdraw our affiliation with as our forum there was just not working out. Instead we now have a UK specific support group on facebook which so far seems to be a much better fit as we have received a lot more requests to join as well as members posting new topics. We also have a dedicated team of moderators there who can give you advice and share their experience. Additionally we have created a seperate group for friends, family and carers of people with diabetes and eating disorders to talk among themselves and seek advice if needed.

Rules: These groupss are not to be used in lieu of seeing a medical professional or utilising the emergency services. Please bear in mind that the moderators in these groups can’t give clinical advice, these group is to offer support and share experience around the subject of Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes, including Diabulimia, only. Mostt applicable to the group for those directly dealing with T1ED themselves, we ask members to plese not discuss weight loss or gain numbers in terms of pounds or dress sizes, as the evidence shows that this is extremely dangerous for those in or thinking about recovery and also promotes competition in those who are ill.: 

To request to join our T1ED UK forum please press the logo below.



For our friends, family and carers support group use the following link: