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As mentioned in this blog, after speaking with Norman Lamb for a podcast interview in April, [which can be found in our members section] he kindly offered to take our case forward to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. This will be sent by email or letter in which we will explain just how urgent it is that there be an adequate diagnosis for T1ED/ED-DMT1 and/or Diabulimia [see our FAQ's for info on these terms] as well as better access to appropriate treatment services and general knowledge on the warning signs within the NHS. 

We are unsure as yet as to when this will be sent but it may take some months. Meanwhile we would like to hear from you, the people that have been affected by the lack of treatment options for T1ED. Do you have a story to tell? Do you feel you can demonstrate of how a lack of treatment options for T1ED has had an impact on your health? Can you talk about how having an official diagnosis would be of help to you, a friend or family member, or someone you care for? Do you believe you have experienced failings in NHS care? We would also like to hear from anyone who has lost someone to this condition; we know how painful such a submission may be but please be assured it will be hugely worthwhile as part of this process.

Testimonies should be a maximum of 500 characters, and written directly towards the government and officials that can action change. We need to hear the why's and how's of how past and current treatment for T1ED s not enough and how future adjustments in the availability of services and framework of care is of huge importance.

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