About Us – Feburary 2017

Diabetics With Eating Disorders, also known as ‘DWED’ started life as a small organisation with a lot of big ideas. It was founded as a non-profit organisation in 2009 By Jacqueline Allan who was shortly after joined by Sian Howarth. DWED became an official charity in 2010.

DWED is the only charity that at present advocates for and represents those suffering from type 1 diabetes and eating disorders in the United Kingdom. For many years our volunteers have battled to gain more recognition for ED-DMT1 [an umbrella term that covers any kind of disordered eating alongside Type 1 Diabetes) and Diabulimia (deliberate insulin omission, which can be a behaviour commonly found in sufferers of ED-DMT1) and for DWED as an organisation. Slowly and surely more people are becoming aware.

Jacquelline Allan is the current director of DWED and a doctoral level researcher in Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes. The DWED trustee board consists of: Dr Miranda Rosenathal, Professor Janet Treasure, Diabetic Specialist Nurse Nicola Allen, Vikki Meadows, John Allan, Dr Stephen Thomas, Kymin Hacket and Aoife Twohig-Donfield. More detailed profiles will be included here at a later stage.

2016’s relaunch of DWED’s new website saw the introduction of paid membership options which provide access to specialist content for individuals with ED-DMT1 and Diabulimia sufferers and their carers, as well as separate material for health care professionals. These packages come at £3 or £10 a month. DWED relies completely on this money as well as all voluntary donations to keep doing the work we do.

DWED aims to be a voice for the unheard, and to provide help and support for those that are grappling with Type-1 Diabetes and an eating disorder. Studies have proved that ED-DMT1 must be dealt with in a unique way to that of more typical eating disorders, and this can be difficult for clinicians to understand. DWED offers training courses run by Jacqueline Allan, to health care teams nationwide, whether that be in diabetes clinics or mental health & eating disorder units. For more information please see this page.

Our website offers links to other useful organisations as well as a news and blog section. We also provide regular content via our Facebook and Twitter pages, and have pages on Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest

 Media content is something that DWED is very cautious about and we try to avoid being quoted or referenced in any sensationalist or misleading reporting. We have been featured on many mainstream news channels and newspapers, as well as in radio interviews and parliamentary debates. Please do see our website to access some of this content..

Going forward, as of January 2017, DWED is hopeful about upcoming changes. The publication of the new NICE guidelines for people with diabetes has been an exciting step forward, and we have just officially launched our own forum at diabetes,co.uk where members can access ongoing support. Our overall goal is to have ED-DMT1 and deliberate insulin omission be given an official diagnosis and included in the DSM or ICD [USA and UK diagnostic manuals] which can therefore be treated appropriately. We also strive to keep our followers informed of any type 1 diabetes and eating disorder relevant news via our social media outreach.

This page is under construction and will be updated on a continuous basis.